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Welcome to a new life of better health and well being... With Dr. Joyce Peters, you can create the healthier life of your dreams! 

Common Questions & Answers

Is Age Management Just Prescribing Hormones?
Another myth is that Age Management just means prescribing hormones. While hormones (thyroid, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), melatonin) do play a key role in aging as well as in disease prevention, there are many other factors at play.

If you’re like most people, levels of key hormones begin to decline in your late 20s to early 30s (Note to women: this is way before menopause!). And some hormones, like melatonin, start to fall as early as your late teens. So a key component of Age Management is restoring the hormones that are declining as we age to levels that are associated with the highest quality of life and lowest incidence of bodily decline and degenerative diseases.

So in addition to prescribing hormones, we also do this by focusing on other key areas that affect hormone production or decline:

Nutrition: When you think about it, virtually every cell in your body gets its building blocks from what you eat. There are certain types of foods and patterns of eating that optimize hormone production and utilization.
Exercise: We make personalized exercise recommendations to optimize hormone production and your body’s use of key hormones to burn fat, preserve lean muscle mass, and prevent degeneration.
Lifestyle: Factors like stress and sleep play a key role in determining where your hormone levels are. Both poor sleep and chronic stress (mental and physical) increase the levels of fat-storing, disease progressing hormones (insulin, cortisol, etc.) and decrease the levels of fat-burning, disease preventing hormones (thyroid, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), etc.). We’ll help you optimize these areas of your life as well.

So What About Prescribing Hormones?
Even if you’re eating right, exercising right, and have a low stress lifestyle, you will experience a drop in key hormones as you get older. This is called age-related hormonal decline. Either the cells that produce hormones are dying off, or the enzymes that convert less active forms of hormones to their more active forms, are working less efficiently. This loss is what takes away the look and feel of being young and leaves you more susceptible to chronic degenerative disease. This is when individualized, targeted hormone therapy is used. Optimizing your hormone levels is key in increasing your quality of life and level of functioning as well as decreasing your risk of degeneration, decline, and disease.

Benefit Summary

The most common benefits of Age Management Medicine are:

  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Improved body composition and lower body fat
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased sex drive and performance
  • Maintaining bone density and strength
  • Maintaining healthy brain function and prevention of dementia
  • Decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other serious ailments
  • Increased overall feeling of well-being – you just feel better!
Getting Started
  1. Evaluation/Lifestyle Assessment
    An in-depth evaluation reviewing your intake questionnaire, your current health concerns, goals as well as looking at your past medical history, family history, medications, and current lifestyle habits.
  2. Physical Examination & Comprehensive Laboratory Testing
    A complete physical exam as well as comprehensive baseline laboratory testing determining your current health status, key hormone levels and specific disease risk markers.
  3. Analysis & Implementation
    Your personalized, proactive treatment plan consisting of appropriate medications, nutritional recommendations, exercise recommendations, lifestyle management and any other appropriate medical interventions.
  4. Ongoing Support & Monitoring
    Periodic lab testing and consultations to maintain gains and adjust treatment plan as needed. We continue to work with you to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Why Anti Aging Age and Management Medicine? Variably termed holistic, preventive, longevity, regenerative, integrative, complimentary, functional, and/or nutritional medicine. Because you want to look, feel and act like you did 10- 15 years ago. Because you want to be actively engaged in your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Because you want to remain competitive in your work or business.  And because you owe it to yourself, your family and your work to maintain your optimal health and well being.

Long term Solutions

We offer long-term solutions, searching for root causes, imbalances and dysfunction — not quick fixes. 

We promise you Individualized and unsurpassed attention in resolving your challenges and problems.  To regain lost energy, youth and vitality.

Our Age Management approach is not “drive through” medicine.  It is not a 15 minute encounter.  It is a total look at your entire health blueprint. That is holsistic — the total you.

New Paradigm

Anti-Aging  Age Management Medicine is the new paradigm for the 21st century.   It is based on restoring vital function and balance — not simply treating symtpoms.  Thus, the term functional medicine.  We search for root causes and correct these imbalances.  It is goal based.  Are we achieving your set of goals that you determine?

We have helped thousands over the past 20 years.   Now it’s your time and your turn.

Helping Others 
 To Strengthen Their Body and Mind for a Decade...
Naturopath, Beauty & Anti-Aging Specialist To You & The Stars !

A-Z Tell Me Your   Problems, 
I can help and if I can't I'll help you find someone who can!     

  I will help you get
    relief & results !

Breaking bad eating habits is one of the most challenging things that one can face because eating habits start at birth. Together, we will replace bad habits with good ones. You will develop habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity. I can show you how to make the right decisions. I am supportive, not judgmental. I can be your guiding light on the road to better health. You will feel better, look better, and have a stronger immune system.  Experience the joy of good health, give me a call today! 

I will help you:

  • Improve your appearance.
  • Feel better.
  • Improve your health.
  • Assess your health needs.
  • Assess yourself as a whole-person
  • Assess your lifestyle.
  • Assess your current  habits
  • Track improvements
  • Set goals
  • Make a nutritional plan. 
  • Learn better eating habits
  • Learn how to shop for the right foods.
  • How to plan & prepare meals.
  • Improve digestion .
  • Find motivation.
  • Gain muscle & lose fat
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Improve mental alertness.
  • Achieve well-being 
  • Reach Your Goals!




 Let me help you enjoy a happy, healthier more balanced life. You will be revitalized by my program! My unique approach will help you transform both body and mind. If you want to achieve real, long lasting results, you must do more than taking vitamins and exercising your body. You need to make it a lifestyle with significant healthy changes. Change doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it shouldn't be. I will design a specialized healthy lifestyle plan for you that will be incredibly easy to follow, and will change the way you approach your approach to health, forever. 

 Dr.Joyce’s philosophy is: "Helping others achieve dedication to constant and never ending self-care and self-improvement to ensure a happy, healthy, long life."  

 Dr. Joyce is an Integrative doctor, Traditional Naturopath, Nutrionist, Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach with experience in both traditional and natural health care fields and holds certifications from a few top ivy league universities.

Dr. Joyce trained with some of the most prominent researchers, professors, MD's,  nutritionists, chiropractors and surgeons of our time but didn't stop with her original education; she has continued to research into how to treat conditions more effectively, giving not only faster short-term results, but also more lasting long-term stability. 

Dr. Joyce is a wonderful lifestyle coach who can educate you, your family and your friends of the ways to a healthy life to manage a very broad range of  symptoms and  complaints from A to Z for the whole family. As a nutritionist and naturopath she reccomends specialty diets and as a nutritionist and naturopath, she can effectively help to relieve your symptoms.  

Dr. Joyce is your partner in natural health care and she is an excellent health educator that also works as a weight management counselor, nutritional consultant and behaviorist. In a traditional setting.   

 Dr. Joyce works as a health educator and has trained many other health professionals; including, cosmetic and plastic surgeons as well as working with wellness professionals in an Anti-Aging and Age Management setting. 

Dr. Joyce does not prescribe medicine or perform surgery, but, uses less invasive techniques, theraputic modalities, hormones, natural medicine and nutritional supplementation programs for prevention and wellness.






    Do you have Mysterious
    that even your 
Doctor can't Explain? 
A-Z Ask Dr. P !!!

Usually, all symptoms are triggered by imbalances in the body, and often there is no "magic pill" that offers "a cure" for any disease, usually, medication only suppresses symptoms rather than correcting the actual cause of a health condition.
Dr. Joyce Peters has a solution to your problems
from A to Z. If you have unexplained symptoms 
she can often get to the root of these symptoms, and is especially profiecient in such conditions as fatigue, digestive problems, skin, and sleep problems to conditions generally considered  difficult to improve, such as weight problems,  prevention of adult onset disease, including 
diabetes and even chronic pain.
 A-Z Tell Dr. Peters about your problems,  and she can help you and if she can't she will help you find someone who can!


We Care &
We Can Help!
  Improve your health goals
      in the following areas:

Age Management,
Preventative Medicine 
Whole Person Evaluation
Stress Management 
Weight Management
Aging Issues, Andropause/Menopause
Absorption Problems Acne & Skin Issues  Allergies
Anti-Aging  Arthritis
Asthma and Lung Problems
Athletic/Fitness Health
Attention and Alertness
Anger Management
Back Problems
Bad Habits
Balance and Posture
Behavior Difficulties
Bladder Incontinence
Blood Pressure
Bones Misaligning
Breast Problems
Cell Phone or Computer
Electro-Magnetic Shielding
DNA Repair
Radiation Exposure
Child Study/Learning Difficulties/ADD
Children's Health Problems
Coffee, Cigarettes, Chocolate
Bad Eating Habits/ Cravings
Colitis, Hemorrhoids
Constipation/Other Bowel Problems
Cosmetic Problems
Cranial Therapy Cravings
Dental/Oral Hygiene
Diabetes Prevention
Gender Issues
Hang Over
Looking Younger
Loss (Interpersonal)
Negative Emotions
Marital Problems
Sex Difficulties
Sensatiable Appetite
Skin Conditions
Sadness or Feeling Depressed
Sleep Problems
Panic Attacks
 Parasites, Fungus
Posture Problems
 Pregnancy problems
 Ringing in Ears
Scars, Stretch Marks
 Sciatic Pain
 Shoulder problems
 Sinus, Nasal Problems
 Skin Problems
Sleep Problems
Stomach Problems
Study Problems
Infertility or Miscarry
Toxic Substances
Weight Problems
Yeast, Candida
Ear and Hearing Problems
Energy Problems
Epstein Barr Virus 
Exercise Problems
Eye Problems
Female Problems 
Foot Problems
Gallbladder Stones
Heart Problems
High Blood Pressure
Hip Pain 
Hormone Problems
 Immune problems
Jaw Problems
 Joint Problems 
Kidneys, Kidney Stones 
Knee and Leg Problems
Liver Cleansing
Low Blood Sugar
Low Glandular Function 
Memory Problems 
Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual Problems
Mental Difficulties
Nutritional Absorption Problems
Irritable Bowel
Structural Alignment

Joyce Peters
Traditional Naturopath,  
Nutritional Consultant &
Fitness Trainer
Certified in
Anti-Aging & Weight Loss

"As a Natural health doctor, I feel that you should treat the cause rather than the symptom, to me, this is the best approach for a life-time of good health.
I design specialized health recovery and wellness programs in addition to lifestyle and nutritional food plans that enable you to restore health, lose unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, facilitate proper digestion, and improve your overall health and appearance.
My individualized programs will be designed exclusively for you and consists of a balance of; education, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, diet guidance, and emotional support. "

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